Media Wall

Art / Photography / Video editing

Short compilation of works showing elements from video art, photography and after effects techniques.

NiNiSpeech- Speech Therapy Center

Since 2015, Iv’e been working with NiNiSpeech company, shooting and editing their videos for marketing purposes, conferences and their online therapy videos. NiNiSpeech developed an effective system that works by assimilating clinical methods in the brain of the person who stutters. Watch more video on Youtube    

The Drohobycz, Boryslaw and Vicinity Organization

Since 2014 I’ve been video documenting and editing holocaust survivors coming from Drohobycz and Boryslaw and it’s vicinity. It’s a true privilege to share stories of those people so we never forget and always remember for ourself and for the next generations.

Digital Wall Design


Dear, is an online video platform proposing to reexamine the relationship between artists, artworks and exhibition spaces. By documenting a series of art exhibitions from the low viewpoint of an automatic vacuum cleaner (iRobot), Chen Serfaty produces an unprecedented defamiliarization of the exhibition space and concurrently imagines a new display strategy for artworks online. Acting as […]

The Elctrosense of Paddlefish- Show 2010

Friend of Bezalel

 Short video I directed about Bezalel Academy of art and Design, Jerusalem / Showed in “Friends of Bezalel” Gala in NY, 2016