Landscape / Escape

Dear mock up gallery / offices

Art / Photography / Video editing

Short compilation of works showing elements from video art, photography and after effects techniques.


The work Dear, emerged from a simple yet exceptional request: over the course of the past year, the artist contacted fifteen different museums and galleries in Israel and New York, and asked them for the permission to activate an iRobot device inside their exhibition halls. Once the permission was given to her, Serfaty expropriated the […]

Mot HaSelfie

Mot HaSelfie Digital sculpture installation, mixed media, 2015 “Chen Serfaty created a futuristic monument of sorts, comprised of selfie sticks and smartphones. Rather than face the audience, as one would expect, the phones photograph one another automatically and blindly. The resulting image bring to mind a hermetic, poetic, and melancholic moon, a “dead selfie” of sorts. […]

MindStream Workshop

MindStream is an experimental meditative workshop that uses visuals and sounds from computers and phones to relax the mind and body. The workshop is divided into three parts – a Machinery Sounds Mantra, a structured improvisation, and a relaxation mode video screening – to encourage reflection on our relationships with our devices.

Cave man / Mixed media & drawing 2013

Print Drawing

All the world’s a stage

Video art for dance performance in Hof Ha Carmel Cultural Venture

E34-We Are Standard

Mixed media, single-channel video on iPad 3:00 2014 The video shows the floor plan of an “attainable” apartment intended for young families in Israel, while an animated snake, based on the famous cellular game “Snake” from the 1990’s, wanders around the apartment looking for balls to eat; every ball introduces different information related the construction […]

Of Other Spaces

This Video work documents Haifa municipal workers uprooting a public bench in an open space. The uprooting of the bench was done at the personal request of Serfaty, a native of Haifa: She sent a letter to the municipality’s ombudsman’s office asking to remove the bench from the area adjacent to her parent’s home, explaining […]

NEAR (ER) Live Performance

NEAR 2013 & 2016 Live Performance with Charles Lindsay Rhythms + Visions show at USC academy, LA, 2013 Visuals and Sound: Charles Lindsay I Video Animation and editing: Chen Serfaty Thanks To: Charles Lindsay, Catherine Chalmers and Dan Safer.


WORKART Video Performance 30 min’   WORKART consists in a video-tutorial for a physical workout, led by a personality from the art world and carefully filmed in the midst of a contemporary art exhibition. Its aim is to «strengthen and improve your artistic capacities, expand your creative inspiration, enhance your self-confidence and belief in artistic success». […]